This is Nigerian state owned satellite which offers a premium home grown audience with a balanced TV channel selection from across different genres of Music, Movies, Religious, Betting and News Channels.

We offer a top notch home developed crowd with a decent TV station choices from across various classes of: Music, Movies, Religious, Betting and News Channels

The satellite was successfully launched on 13.05.2007 on a CZ-3B/G2 booster. In April 2008, NIGCOMSAT 1 lost power from the southern solar array. The satellite failed in November 2008 due to a technical error of the satellite's northern solar array and was sent to a graveyard orbit as it became apparent, that the satellite could not be recovere. In March 2009 Nigeria signed a contract for the free delivery and launch of a replacement satellite called NIGCOMSAT 1R. It was launched in 2011.

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