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Satellite Distribution

Satellite distribution can be a confusing name for many first-timers in the broadcast industry, and many who all they want to do is simply to broadcast their Television Channels or Radio Station to audiences across Africa, Europe, Asia, UK or even the America over simple platforms like known satellites such as Intelsat20, ABS3a, Hotbird or Yamal402 could get confused at the term. Satellite distribution simply means to broadcast your Church TV Channel, Virtual Sports Betting Channel, Music Channel, Movies Channel, Kiddies Channel, News Channel, Fashion & Lifestyle Channel or even a Health Fitness Channel via Satellite direct to the end viewers.

Depending on your business model, the channels may be available as Free to Air, FTA, meaning, everyone with an open decoder such as the Strong DVB-S or DVB-S2 decoders can access it, or in the case of Pay TV, your Television / Radio channel can be encrypted and only available to viewers having your DTH – Direct to Home smart card and is authenticated to have paid to access your channel. Whichever is your preferred satellite or business model, at Sairtek we can distribute your channel over a host of 23 satellites across the globe on either Free to Air platforms or Encrypted/Pay TV platform.


e can assist you to get your TV / Radio Channel inserted as a featured channel on any of the Direct to Home (DTH) provider’s platform of your choice such as DSTV, GoTV, Star Times, Play TV, Freeview TV, MyTV, Joy TV Network, Multi TV, TSTV Africa, etc.

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