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The Relationship Between Data and Broadcasting.

The Relationship Between Data and Broadcasting.

Data which can be referred to as raw fact is the basis of reasoning or analysis. Meanwhile, broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a specific audience through electronic mass communication mediums. Over the years, through the present and in the future broadcasting remains relevant for the promotion of businesses and dispersion of information and ideas.

With specific reference to the relationship between data and broadcasting, we are introduced to the fact that we cannot achieve sharing information if there is no content. Hence data is broadcasting as human is to oxygen as one cannot perform perfectly without the other.

In recent times, broadcasting is not restricted to just television and radio cable, or over the air (OTA) transmission. It can now be done through the use of social media which is more convenient. For example, WhatsApp among others is notable for the aesthetic feature of a broadcasting list or group where one can readily send a bulk message to a number of people without having to repeatedly type the message.

Hence, creating content cannot be separated from sharing content. Broadcasting without data is pointless since it cannot make the intended information available to a target audience. “Broadcasting focuses on getting a message out and it is up to the general public to do what they wish with it.” However, when broadcasting takes place, the message being passed is given with an intention; this also means that a certain form of feedbacks expected from the target audience which makes the whole process productive and yielding.

“In data broadcast, to retrieve a data item a mobile client has to continuously monitor the broadcast until the data item of interest arrives. This will consume a lot of battery power since the client has to remain active during its waiting time. A solution to this problem is air indexing. The basic idea is that by including auxiliary information about the arrival times of data items on the broadcast channel, mobile clients are able to predict the arrivals of their desired data.” Data and broadcasting as we can deduce from this excerpt also involves timing and the interest of clients. Maximum satisfaction can only be achieved when the broadcast item suits the clients being targeted.

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